VC Trends in life science vs. Tech 暨 2019年加速器/孵化器計劃說明會

協辦單位: 臺北醫學大學跨領域學院

Life sciences VC investment trends is similar to tech, but there are differences.
Deals worth $50 million or more are becoming more frequent, even in Series A. But a VC investor said underlying drivers in life sciences are different from the technology sector.

生命科學VC的投資趨勢與科技相似,但也存在差異 即使在A輪投資裡,價值5000萬美元或以上的交易也變得越來越頻繁。但數據顯示,生命科學的潛在驅動因素與科技領域不同.....


12 pm - 1 pm 

VC Trends in life sciences vs. Tech 暨H. Spectrum 2019年加速器/孵化器計劃說明會

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